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In Defense of Scott Frost

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Regulators! Let's mount up.
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Find me a poster on this site that is truly anti-Frost and not just tired of us losing. I'm legit asking as I don't know of anyone that didn't want him hired and wants to see him fail.

I mean, if some of the people posting want him to succeed, they have a really weird way of showing it. Half of the crap isn't even fair criticism, which is the problem I have with it.


Scout Team
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And they wanted TO's head as well.
Let fans take up a pro team, this is our Huskers, right?

Everyone here wants us to win, some demand it.
Even the escape of sports cant be perfect
It's not perfect at all. Football is a reactionary sport. We have absolutely zero control over the outcome of games or a season. Clearly, it has taken an emotional toll on a number of posters here.
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