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Illinois Week Practice: Thursday Zoom Presser With Coach Frost Video Added

What you are looking at is his ability to fight off a block and cause a RB to slow down and change his path. I know that the negative folks see that as not doing his job. However. in the 3-4 the Job of the DL is to do exactly that setting up the LB to make the play.

Can't imagine any defense designed to pass up on a tackle for a loss.
Can't imagine any defense designed to pass up on a tackle for a loss.
IF a D Tackle manages to make a tackle for loss that is a bonus. It is not however the expectation. realize they are managing 2 gaps. vs 1 in a 4-3. No one passes it up but if you know anything about the 3-4 the DL are meant to be disrupters not play makers. LB are the play makers.
Ask yourself these three questions.
1. Did the RB hit the intended hole?
2. Was the RB able to get up to full speed before getting to the line?
3. Did the RB go through the gap the DL is responsible for?

If the answer to all three of these is no...he did his job. Any realistic non bitter cry baby fan view of that play the answer is no to all 3.
FYI, got an update from the Athletic Department ... They're aiming for an 11:15 start on the Monday & Tuesday pressers, 11:30 on Thursdays.