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Illinois @ Nebraska Game Thread (11/21/20)


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Obviously McCaffrey is nowhere near the passer we hoped and he has looked especially terrible throwing on the run. We are going to be better off with Martinez on the hope he can stop the completely boneheaded turnovers that have doomed us since last year. McCaffrey isn't doing anything that AM can't and seems like he'd be more useful as a utility/gadget player for now. For one thing, we need a ton of help at tailback and that may be his best position.

We should also be thinking about when Smothers sees the field. Obviously there are a lot more problems than just QB, but the QB play we have been seeing is a recipe for a one-win season so there is nothing to lose at some point.

On the plus side, we saw more receiver involvement in the passing game which was one of the very few bright spots. This was a 3-score loss that felt more like 10-56.
The 56-10 loss is coming on Friday. And that's against a team with a fairly pedestrian offense and a first-year starter at QB.


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Three years in, and HCSF is saying the same crap he has for the last three years.....at some point, someone has to be held accountable. So far, all I have read are excuses. Find a real QB, fire the OC, fire the DC, start freshman, do something for the love of all that is holy.


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I remember when they were 0-2 and I was thinking "this is the year that we get them!". What a difference three weeks makes.
Same thought with Minnesota.

Sure, Minnesota's defense sucks -- but so did the Illinois defense. And Minnesota's offense is a heckuva lot better than Illinois.

Maybe we'll surprise and win a game or two -- but I could at least as easily see us go 0-3 to finish.


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I agree. The coaching of this team isn’t good but the thought that Riley is better than Frost is just an emotional rant.
Other than hope what tangible results have we seen that are showing improvement under Frost? It sure as hell isn't his record and at the end of the day that's what matters. Anyone saying its better now either really hated Riley or is a SF homer.


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Well, after that fiasco last week there’s only one thing to do.

Cheer on the boys and the coach and hope they do better.

You and I can’t solve those problems. All we can do is bitch....

Or cheer.....

Bitching isn’t doing a thing for my health LOL.

So I think I’ll just choose to cheer them on and hope we see a good ball game. We played Iowa really close the last couple of years. We are due.



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We have to make that Iowa quarterback throw for a living. He’s not that good, trust me.

Stuff the run game and we’ve got a chance.