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Illinois @ Nebraska Game Thread (11/21/20)


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I've listened to enough. I'm going to go watch something else. No answers, unless it is about not playing well enough to win!! Enough, already! :Wave:
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...so sad to see Scott make the usual excuses, and saying, we are not good enough by the way they are playing. :( Again, adios. :Wave:

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I live in Arkansas. How good would Felipe Franks look running our offense right now. It would literally be a night and day difference.


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The remaining few that are still trying to defend Frost would absolutely not being doing so if his name wasn't Scott Frost. If the current coach had no Nebraska ties, no Osborne ties -- he might not even be back next season.
Look no farther than our previous coach.
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Obviously McCaffrey is nowhere near the passer we hoped and he has looked especially terrible throwing on the run. We are going to be better off with Martinez on the hope he can stop the completely boneheaded turnovers that have doomed us since last year. McCaffrey isn't doing anything that AM can't and seems like he'd be more useful as a utility/gadget player for now. For one thing, we need a ton of help at tailback and that may be his best position.

We should also be thinking about when Smothers sees the field. Obviously there are a lot more problems than just QB, but the QB play we have been seeing is a recipe for a one-win season so there is nothing to lose at some point.

On the plus side, we saw more receiver involvement in the passing game which was one of the very few bright spots. This was a 3-score loss that felt more like 10-56.