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Illinois @ Nebraska Game Thread (11/21/20)


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Final Game thoughts.

I’ll spare the bile. What I said at halftime, still goes.

One of the poorest performances by a Nebraska team in my lifetime occurred today.

Playing with a chip on their shoulder? Bull.

Nebraska played with no heart. No passion. No emotion. No effort. No desire. No pride.


The tank was empty from the very beginning. First play of the game, Luke McCaffrey basically gave the game away with utter stupidity, nonsense, idiocy and the rest was downhill.

I’ve seen enough of the Luke McCaffrey experiment. He was dreadful today. He was late all day long. If he had to catch a bus, he’d still be at the hotel or wherever the pre-game party was.

Three times in three years now, Nebraska has shown up with absolutely no interest in the game before them. Michigan two years ago. Minnesota last year. And today at home, Illinois.

Nebraska is the worst team in the Big Ten. Sadly, it isn’t even close. I’m not sure they have it in them to win another game this year.

We’re lost folks. Scott Frost has no clue how to turn this around. Blaming Coach Riley for all of his failings has turned out to be an insufficient strategy. I’m not advocating we fire him, but it is what it is.

We have a green coach that needs to grow up in a hurry. Today was inacceptable. I hate to use that word.

Every single player in the locker room needs to apologize to the fans and the State of Nebraska. That travesty—that lack of effort—was unacceptable.

Think of this, Illinois recovered every fumble today—regardless which team fumbled. Granted, they got some incredibly lucky bounces, but teams that hustle get those breaks. Teams that don’t give a crap (I mean Nebraska) don’t.

Five turnovers. Nebraska didn’t lose because of those five turnovers. They gave up five turnovers because they played like losers.

The defense couldn’t stop pee-wee football team today. Perhaps some excuse can be made that they were hungover from the 93 play effort that our pathetic offense forced them to play last week. For whatever reason, Nebraska had no juice all game long defensively. And third downs were automatic again today. Teams continue to convert third downs with ease.

We had our usual couple of special team’s disasters today. We had a good return, but of course, it didn’t count because of an illegal block. The play where we gave up the punter run for a first down couldn’t have been a greater indictment of the horrible coaching that took place today.

Offensively, we are a complete disaster. We have two QB’s who can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Our RB’s are non-existent (not that Frost would ever use them effectively anyway), our WR’s are terrible, and our OL can’t sustain anything for very long. Our TE’s aren’t bad.

But where do we go from here?

QB draw on third and long over and over isn’t gonna cut it. Marvin Scott between the tackles is working early . . . so we abandon it and start running him wide for losses before abandoning him completely. Then we bring in our speed back Johnson, and what do we do? You guessed it. Right up the gut.

That Coach Frost really has a plan, doesn’t he?

Farmer with the tackle of the day. A brilliant tackle of the other player’s helmet. Just like the coaches teach it.

For the most part, Illinois won every collision today. Pride will do that.

I don’t want to hear any more crap about a chip on their shoulders.

I'll repeat. Every player should step up to the podium and apologize to the fan base and the state of Nebraska.

Why is Jurgens untouchable? He took a TD off the board with a penalty and his two bad snaps killed drives. He was awful today. I said at halftime if he had to take a urine test, he’d have to tell the nurse that he left all of his on the field. Enough is enough.

A coach once taught me, if you don’t play hard, people start getting hurt. I hope Miller is okay. His injury was the low point of a dismal day.

So, I think I am going to stop talking now. No analysis can describe this stinker. If the players don’t care, then why should I?

If the players think that the effort they showed today was good enough, then they are the biggest group of con artists the world has ever seen. As the saying goes, first person a con artist cons is himself.

Nebraska is now 1-3 and sinking like the Titanic.

But I doubt Hollywood ever makes a movie about it.

Take care all.


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Back in the Osborne days there was a team psychologist/psychiatrist. Maybe Moos can go find that guy and get all the coaches and players to exorcise some demons.

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Yeah, he did.

Won 9 games season two. Beat #6 Michigan State in 2015. Split two games with Oregon in 2016 and 2017 -- only losing the second by 7. Played Wisconsin better than any Nebraska coach has. That's not to say Riley was a good coach -- but he did much, much more than Frost has ever done.

It's just that half the fan base had their pitchforks out with the very first game in the Hail Mary loss to BYU. And by year three with the loss to Northern Illinois, that was the nail in the coffin -- as Eichorst was fired and Moos was hired not to figure out how to keep Riley around.

Frost is the worst coach I've ever seen at Nebraska. By far.

But yes, Verduzco never had business coming to Lincoln. The biggest wasted salary of all of the assistants.
Don’t take my response as a defense of Frost right now. This dumpster fire is a continuing dumpster fire of the one burning under Riley. The culture and expectations here were broken when they tried to u-turn from Bo to Riley. obviously it still isn’t working.

I’m not sure where you go from here. We tried the NFL guy ... fail

we tried the fiery college guy with some success! But that ran its course...

we tried the super nice guy.... fail

we hired the hot up and coming guy, who just so happened to be a native son. Let’s not act like we JUST hired him because of his name. He was as sought after as anyone. It’s been a fail....

Why is this program so broken? Where do you turn from here if you decide to torpedo this thing again?
With our track record you would probably be rolling the dice on an assistant or mid major coach. No chance a tenured proven guy wants to come here. What would you do?

I don’t ask being a smart ass I just really don’t know where we go. If you really believe Frost is the worst coach we’ve ever had where would YOU go from here? It’s a place to share opinion so what is yours?


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It's kind of interesting regarding the deep throw comments. I hear people say they don't need to defend the deep threat yet when we try deep throws they always have 3 guys surrounding our receiver.
certainly was the case late.

All I'm alluding to... is an accurate passer would've carved up that zone today. LM is a tremendous talent, (elusive & fast) but still learning the passing game. Seasoned QBs (Peters, Ramsey) certainly make a difference, with their head & their arm.

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certainly was the case late.

All I'm alluding to... is an accurate passer would've carved up that zone today. LM is a tremendous talent, (elusive & fast) but still learning the passing game. Seasoned QBs (Peters, Ramsey) certainly make a difference, with their head & their arm.
There were open wide receivers all over the field today. Luke wasn’t reading well or trusting his arm. He looked like a deer in headlights.


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Back in the Osborne days there was a team psychologist/psychiatrist. Maybe Moos can go find that guy and get all the coaches and players to exorcise some demons.
they have them now but they are in-house people. Moos doesn’t allow them to go outside the University. Tim Miles was working with someone outside the program and it was showing results but Moos canceled the contract with them


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So depressed by this program. We are right there with Kansas as the worst power five programs. Don’t understand with the recruiting how Frost and co can’t develop a better product than what we get to watch in year three. To many things to fix for a program that is three years in to an overhaul.

What position can we look at and see improvement. They have recruited (according to the rankings) near the top of the big ten west for the last three years. Just got blown out by a pathetic program at home.
I agree, sadly. I didn't watch the second half because I get too angry/sad and it just isn't worth it. Went for a walk and was trying to think of a single athlete that has gotten better since Frost got here. Not a single WR? The QBs have regressed. The OL is very experienced but not improved. I was so excited for his arrival after the success at UCF. But, this is probably a new low point in Husker football since the late '50s and certainly in my lifetime. If you were a recruit w/o Nebraska ties - would you come here now? If so, why?