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ILB Rodney Groce Decommits From Nebraska


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Its unusual that we've had basically no flips. Would seem realistic to expect us to lose someone from this current 14
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Bad news considering it's a position of need. But the lack of decommits since Frost took over has been remarkable. The only public ones I can think of are Thomas Grayson and Tony Fair who I believe we cooled on first. Jevontae Jean-Baptiste in 2018 was a silent commit who flipped last minute to Urban.

Only stands to reason we'd eventually have a decommit or two. But who knows, Frost could keep him in the boat.


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If the kid doesnt want to be here, then so be it. But this is an even bigger loss because of the position he plays.


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That was quick. Decommited
hilarious. I’ll never understand the point of committing somewhere to flip immediately afterward. I also know my parents would have given me an ass chewing like none other because my word and integrity is >


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He could be the next Barrett Ruud but, we still need to sign more 4 star athletes that won't take 2-3 years to get to B1G competitive level. Like the 4 freshman D-lineman Alabama has starting for them. Full up 4 star rounds ready to contribute. Just saying that allot people get excited about the 3 stars we sign but we have allot of those that aren't panning out, yet. I know we have offered allot of 4-5 stars H.S. players but to get to the B1G championship we got to sign more 4 and our first [in a looong time] 5 star athletes. Guys that won't take most of their college career to be contributors or starters. If we don't, IMO, HCSF is going to find it harder to win a championship than he thought. [I think he knows now]. I don't agree with those that say we will never sign mostly 4 star athletes like teams in the SEC and ACC. I think we can. T.O. did. We signed 8 [of 27] last year and we can get more, especially if we start winning more games than we lose. We signed six 4-stars in 2017 and 2018 but one is off the team. It may take a couple more years.
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There are other linebackers out there to recruit. Wish he would have stuck with us, but tons of good players out there, just have to find them.


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Not saying I'm for or against the practice, but it's situations like this that I think about when teams like Alabama, Michigan, LSU, Georgia and others catch flack for recruiting over someone. Door swings both ways.