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ILB Rodney Groce Decommits From Nebraska


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Awesome pickup. We had another guy by the name of Groce that did a pretty darned good job for Husker football. Think he wore number 5 as well....

Husker Trophy Room

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I'm not drinking gallons of the big red koolaid nor do I think Groce is the sole answer to the prayers of the defense. I only hope he's another recruit that helps to make the Huskers more competitive and improve the roster. Bit by bit, day by day, etc., that's all I'm asking for - get better and produce a competitive product on the field with quality young men that are an honor to their families and UNL.
Wait a minute. That sounds like rational thinking. Where the hell did that come from?
This is how it works here: 1). Every good commit is an endorsement of the recruiting prowess of the staff, a sure fire sign that HCSF will achieve his vision and ensures that 11-12 win seasons are right around the corner. 2). Every decommit (or bad loss) is proof that this staff is clueless, that stuff won't work here, and we are doomed to another 20 years of miserable football.

As for me, I am pouring myself a tall, icy-cold glass of Scarlet Kool-Aid.