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If YSU fires Bo...


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Both guys needing a bit of hubris actually working together? Mind blowing.


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I mean, Fred brought Doc Sadler back, right?

I'll see myself out now.
Not a chance in hell. Pelini’s mouth, temperamental explosiveness, is totally contrary to the culture of Nebraskans in general and Scott Frost, specifically. I do not not want the optics of Pelini to add to the already perceived demise of Husker Football.

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I see some team hiring Bo next year as it’s DC. He isn’t stupid. His Nebraska money has run out. He could help a team on defense. Not have to worry about being a head coach. Prolly make a million+ just being a DC.
Yep. He's a great DC. The end.

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That doesn't appear to be a will spent $1.4 million dollars.
Up until quarters 2 and 3 yesterday it did. For 2 quarters yesterday they got gutted. They have been a much better defense so far this year as compared to last year, when their defense was worse than Nebraska’s.