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If you want to gag, read this

Before the fall of the PAC it was a different tune coming from out west.
The confidence then is much like we're seeing from Neon and in this thread, extremely over valued. And missing the mark.

I'm glad Neon just got his DC last week, his new OC earlier, been through both in not even a season. Two huge misses, the most important coaches and as Neon would say , they goin.

The display of continual above the fray attitude means nothing on Saturdays, wont keep putting butts in seats, talk is Louis expensive and there's a lot of it, time to produce, no ones willing to pay its price for long.
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You really do not get it, do you? While enjoying the sport, no Stanford person cares about college football outcomes. We are too busy doing our small, but critical, part in ensuring the USA continues to produce people capable of ruling the world. The best of the best.
Perhaps I missed something. What does this thread have to do with Stanford?
We can't say too much. When (If) we beat them next fall then we can chirp about Neon Deion. Until then all I will say is this: If they have another year like last year, they will be hiring a new coach by December.
He tripled their win total year one. He isn’t getting fired if he goes 4-8, or better this season. They are moving to a new confrence. Whole new set of teams. Could be an advantage some, and a disadvantage some?

Do we measure ooc games more or less important than conference games?
If they beat us again and win only one Big twelve game, do you think they'll keep him?
Yes. They can’t afford to buy him out. CU has no money. He’s going to get at least 3 years, and probably should. Hell, NU kept Frost for 4.25 years.


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