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If there is a college football season......

I am a die hard fan, so I laugh at myself because given the player turnover (especially in college), I am basically rooting for laundry. Having said that, I root very hard and care too much!
Because uniforms at Nebraska have not changed that much(except for huge shoulder pads like in my 90ish suits), it is like being a boy 40 years ago cheering for our family team. Because of helmets its like the same team players my whole life still there never leaving. There is something comforting in our souls wanting some constant to stay the same in our lives. Thanks to those who worked so hard to make Nebraska great. Winning all but a couple was good too but GBR. God Bless you all and stay safe while you throw the bones.


We will get going by August but that means very little with regard to sports and mass gatherings. We are a few months behind other countries. We will have to see how that works out for them. When sports come back in Europe, Asia—we will have our answer.
see what happened to the poor dodo bird