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IF the season were to be cancelled...


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And assuming our kids stayed committed and didn't just want to sit things out back home, I could see a year of just practicing together having a truly fantastic impact on this team. Now the reality is, if we weren't going to play a regular schedule, I think we'd have some kids decide that staying home, going to a Juco or Prep school would be a better route. I think that would be the easier route, but not one that would actually improve them and their chances of building a very good team, but it's tough to tell an 18-20 year old that the harder trail is the better one.

If we were faced with this scenario, and we did manage to keep everyone coming to campus, we would have arguably our deepest roster in decades. There are two lineups of contributors on this squad, and that means very competitive practices. Most of the time the drop off to the second 5 is substantial, and the idea you are actually challenging each other for playing time is far less than most realize. A 6th or 7th might be trying to push a starter, but the rest kind of know their role. A roster like we have, man, I would love to see some scrimmages between the 1's and 2's, because I can guarantee our second 5 will win some of those, especially if a couple of them develop sooner rather than later.

I do like the way this group looks on paper, so if they actually got a year of meshing together, I'm not sure that would be the worst thing in the world for the program.


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I think if the season is canceled that the on-campus population, in general, is going to be much lower so players being on campus might be advantageous (from lowering risk of contraction compared to possibly staying at home and going juco for a semester).

I would hope the NCAA would allow for practice and we could see a scrimmage or two. I would also hope the NCAA allow another year of eligibility for players that stuck with their programs over the season.

We would see a much better product when played continued possibly and the professionalism of coaching staff would help some programs rise above others.

As a fan it would be tuff fall...


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Basketball has so many games and so much travelling, it seems pretty likely that a good option is going to be conference mostly. Nebraska could set up non-con games with some Nebraska Universities and Colleges, some big 8 foes, and play everyone in the Big 10 home and away. Travelling a long way isn't a great idea without some strict rules/expectations - which the B1G can do. Day trips can limit exposure and still get a game on. I don't know what will happen, but that seems pretty manageable if nothing else.


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Morehead University has cancelled schedule for 2020.

University of Indiana has said on in-person classes for 2020 school year.

Multiple schools (Clemson, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, FSU, Iowa, ISU, KSU, Kentucky, Michigan, MSU, Mississippi, MSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Rutgers, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, & WVU) have reported players Covid positive.

Media continues to hype every single case of Covid 19 the occurs, where ever it occurs.

Add this all up and, even though I personally think it is in fact safety play this year, I do not believe that there will be a 2020 college football season.
Despite the money needs of the schools, no one will have the courage to put the programs at risk and then have a person player or staff, get sick or even die.


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I think the concerns for litigation, the practicality of trying to adjust schedules, the likelihood that somewhere along the line there will be games cancelled at the last minute because of positive tests or a lack of players available, all of those things will become too burdensome for schools to deal with, and the plug will be pulled. Again, I see it as a drag for we fans, but it actually could give us a much better program moving forward. Even though I like this squad better than last year's, it's still going to be a ton of new pieces and a learning curve for guys getting used to the offense/defense, the school and each other. We will probably always have a certain amount of turnover on the roster, but hopefully we can start to build some kind of a core that helps flatten that learning curve a little. This year it's still pretty steep, so I'm not that horrified at the thought of letting them 'season' a little.