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If Scott Frost had been 15-11 through year 2...


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Would he be on the hot seat for year 3, like Mike Riley was?

Oops never mind, Frost is 9-15. Not a good comparison.
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Hard to tell. I suspect if SF’s record was better than it is right now, but still sub par, he would be in the same position as he is right now; a disappointing start to his tenure at NU.

highly likely, if MR were still head coach at Nebraska, he would be in a hot seat. There was no indication he was going to turn the program around.

SF isn’t catching any breaks either. First game stormed out, spring game this year cancelled, and now questions of whether the 2020 season will happen.


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If one looks solely at record, yes he should be on the hotseat. But looking at the condition of the program, culture, effort, development and improvement we see a lot of differences. Has that changed the win loss total so far- no. There has been development the past two years at most positions- a few on offense defense and special teams did not happen or showed some regression.

Speaking only for comparison reasons and not to demean coach Riley's staff, there was almost no improvement and in many cases, regression. Teams did not appear better at the end of the year than the beginning. Development was poor. Except for a few players, effort and mental toughness was lacking.

I have seen flashes of being a good team but consistently has been lacking. Effort, development- for most- has been evidenced. Culture is better and recruiting is much better. With the changes in assistant coaches may help with the regression or non development...the jury is still out.

Bottom line is it's not a fair
comparison solely on record.


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SF gets a do over.... almost like we just hired him.

Take 2... assuming NCAA exists post covid19
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Going 3-9 in one score games needs to change........I believe HCSF is getting the needed talent to get over the hump.....I have said since day one I believe it starts looking like the product we want in 2021....and that may get bumped to 2022 if the China Virus cancels the season this year.

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Going 3-9 in one score games needs to change........I believe HCSF is getting the needed talent to get over the hump.....I have said since day one I believe it starts looking like the product we want in 2021....and that may get bumped to 2022 if the China Virus cancels the season this year.
Yeah, that's a stat that needs to change ASAP. I think we're making progress in that area, it just hasn't shown up on the scoreboard (like losing to Iowa on last-second FGs 2 years in a row). Under Riley, you could see that the guys just didn't have the fortitude to finish tight games (with a few exceptions, like MSU). Under Frost, they have the conditioning and the want-to; what they're lacking is the EXPECTATION that they're going to pull out those wins no matter what. That's the next step.

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hard to indoctrinate players without practices and games.
I doubt that they will lose their allotted amount of practice time with the players. They just might need to find a way to do it in very small groups or individually. If the NCAA bans small group film study and other things, you might be correct.
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I've said this a dozen times (as have others), if whomever was the coach in 2018-19 wasn't named Scott Frost, his seat would be aflame. Sure, he's taken plenty of criticism. Some fair, some probably unreasonable. But he definitely gets a little extra cushion due to his Nebraska ties.

I do oftentimes defend Riley -- not necessarily because I feel he was a great coach or better than Frost (TBD on that), but because I felt he was given a raw deal from the fan base. That 2015 season (Riley's first) was painful. There has never been a season with more excruciating last minute/second losses than that one. BYU Hail Mary in the very first game seemed to set the tone for many who declared upon his hiring "I told you so!" Game three at Miami -- down 33-10 with just over 11 minutes left -- then an unbelievable comeback that forced overtime -- only to be snuffed out with a Tommy Armstrong interception. And depressing 1-point loss to Illinois. A Wisconsin game that saw NU go on top with about 3 minutes left when Janovich ran for a 55-yard TD -- only to see the air out of the sails when Wisconsin kicked a FG with 4 seconds left. No loss by more than 10 all season -- yet the most satisfying win in recent years when beating Michigan State had everyone dancing in the postgame. But ultimately, 6-7 -- and the countless doubters proclaiming "See, Riley is nothing better than a .500 coach!" The following season had 9 wins -- but for many, it still wasn't good enough. So much so that when the loss to Northern Illinois happen in mid-September of year three, a very large percentage of fans were ready and willing to escort Riley to the exit permanently. Fire Eichorst (understandably) then bring in Moos -- which was absolutely the grim reaper for Riley's career. Honestly, anytime you do an AD change in a situation like that, it's the start of a prolonged funeral -- and good luck trying to win game under that scenario. Should Frost lose a game early in year three then Moos is fired, watch the crumbling intensify.

My thoughts when the Riley era ended was not so much that we fired a quality coach (I understand that debate) -- but that a very large percentage of the fan base was absolutely brutal to him from the start. And if Nebraska football forever failed to follow, I can't say we don't deserve it.

That said, I'm fine with Frost getting another shot. I may criticize him, but I'm absolutely fine with Frost being our head coach in season three. And I hope for many years beyond. Ultimately, my wish if for winning football. Whomever is coach. Ideally it is Scott Frost because he is our coach now -- so I will root for him to succeed.


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-- so I will root for him to succeed.
It sure does seem idiotic to root for the coach of your favorite team to fail, but (Husker) fans are not immune to idiocy.....LOL... However, I can't see a single Husker fan rooting for Frost to fail to get to the next guy (as so seemed to do with the previous 3 coaches).