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If I didn't know better, I'd say...


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Somehow SF and staff are going to have to teach these guys how hard it is to win and how hard you have to work to be winners. Its one him but its not easy. I'm pulling for SF because he's here for the long haul. I can't see NU doing another coaching switch for a loooooooong time.

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I wonder if Frost and Osborne ever get together to talk and, if so, what kind of advice Osborne is giving him?


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Point being that Nebraska doesn't seem to be playing with any intensity...too many players are simply occupying space. It's as if they are content that they have their scholarship in hand and the rest doesn't really matter.

Instead of saying that "want to make Frost and staff look bad" I should have said that they seem OK with the perception.
Actually IMO this is the first game this season that the team really didn't play with any intensity from the start. Minnesota came out and hit them in the mouth and they had no answer. Minnesota came out and imposed their will from start to finish in the game.

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I wonder if Frost and Osborne ever get together to talk and, if so, what kind of advice Osborne is giving him?
I’ve thought about that also. I would guess they do get together, but don’t know how much advice Osborne gives him. Probably just some wisdom. Dude is really smart.
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Winning breeds more winning...Colorado seems to have wrecked our season. We pointed to that game (a huge mistake by our HC) and have played demoralized football ever since.


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Every time the past 20 years we/the coaches/ the press focus on a certain game in a season it goes south. Think USC under Callahan, Texas under Pelini, Wisconsin under Pelini, Ohio Sate under Frost.


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Intensity coming without need for emotion is the ideal. You get dumb when you get emotional. We need smart football.


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I just finished reading all of the online articles in the OWH and LJS. Somehow I am sensing there is some sort of disharmony on the team. conflicting groups of players, a bad apple, a coach that is de-motivating to the players? I live 500 miles away but wouldn't have the answer if I were in Lincoln and with the team daily. Something is wrong with this team and it's squarely between the ears of the players. It appears their attitudes are where they were two years ago.


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I think their is a double standard and anointing of players who do not earn the playing time in practice.