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I Phone pop up

This is strickly a huskermax.com problem. No where else to attribute blame.

Never have this problem on either well established sites or less ones like allbuffs.com or hawkeyenation.com

As users we just need to decide is the immaturity of this site is worth the $


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The malware was controlled for a long time. Back again the last two days. Our ad ops have doubled the scanning. Be sure to clear out your history.


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Clear your cookies and history. Should help.

I agree. Something needs addressed by the site administrators (techs) to keep it from happening in the first place.


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I’ve been dealing with it all weekend. Clear everything and even multiple re-starts ...... g damn thing keeps popping up.

iPhone and iPad.

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Try again. If you have virus/malware software. Run it. Then restart your device. If that doesn't work it must be a HM site issue.
Not once but numerous try for at least one month. Every session. Clear histories and data ...... nope, no effect. I got Avast Pro and Malwarebytes .... all checks out okay.

Once again, ONLY Hmax website problems.

I will switch to Chrome tonight or tomorrow (Nth Degree post #38).

Expired HM member: August 19th. Renewal or not .....
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Between the malware free stuff pop ups and the massive streaming ads , this site is almost unusable on both my PAC and my iPhone/ipad

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I'm old as a rock
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I tried clearing Safari history/data but didn’t help.

Switched to Chrome and so far so good.
Apparently fixed. Only ONE pop-up message for the entire HM session. Thanks Nth Degree. I download and installed Chrome. Switched from Firefox to Chrome. Cross my fingers !!

UPDATE: Take it back. Under Chrome, same g damn HM problem :mad: . Suddenly, pop-up message with no "Continue without supporting" option. Firefox is innocent.

SECOND UPDATE: Ha !! ....... under Chrome with no "Continue" option and with or without adblock (already logged in), finally appeared ... "Continue without supporting" AFTER NUMEROUS F5 KEY. Timing issues? Again ONLY HMax.
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