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I Phone pop up


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I switched from Safari on my Iphone to Firefox and I didn't have the popup issue. Otherwise, it came up non-stop every time I logged onto main page today. I didn't have it at all yesterday. What a pain.


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How come none of your guys FBI guys ever show up, just pop up wins? You're guys FBI guys suck. LMAO!!!

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Anyone else experiencing pop up on I phone when trying to read HM?I can't be on site for 3 seconds before a pop up takes control of the site wanting me to enter for a chance to win money or gift cards.Been that way all night now,
Oh yeah. Only HMax. Every page, unannounced popup messages and hijacked/ads ..... with or without adblock.
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Not at work where we have ad-blocker by default. At home, Every. Single. Freaking. Time. I. Sign. In. And at least one page after that.