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I met a man in Kroger Supermarket today

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That is just one really stupid name for a store. King Soopers, really, really? LOL!!!



The name of the store chain (which I understand was bought out by Kroger a few years ago but part of the deal was that KS could keep using their name). If you think about it , grea----------------t branding, as Tony the Tiger would say! We all remember "the name", and also the misspelled word.
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Their bakery and wedding cakes used to be fantastic. Although, as far as the wedding is concerned, speak to one of you "hitched" ladies and gentlemen!

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I met an Iowa fan in Kroger today. He said, "We own Nebraska!" "You should be ashamed to wear that Husker gear in public!" I replied, "Iowa should be ashamed, especially the Admin./AD who did not fire KF and also ban his son from succeding him as their next HC, for his racist remarks over many years!" (Did we also notice that KW never said a word?) He said, "Well, you know what that "N" stands for on your hat, Don't ya!" "Nowledge." I finally said, "You know what IOWA stands for--Idio-s out running around (in a field)!" At that point, he walked away.
In my experience silence says more than words. Standing in an open marketing arguing about whose college football team sucks more provides a lens that you don’t want to be a part of, trust me. Would just walk away next time.