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I love Mickey Joseph


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and no one said there was. ffs, read the op. It's about loving the way MJ handled this year, not whether he should be coach.
Calm down fella, I never said you did. There are others here who still believe he should be named.

Smoke a little more of that herb ffs :mr:


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I am not a smart enough football guy to decide who should or should not be coach, but I will tell you this: I have really enjoyed listening and watching MJ and know he makes me proud to be a Nebraska fan. Watching his press conference today was beautiful. Whatever his future is, I hope for nothing but the best for him.
Mickey has gained one more super fan! I have the upmost respect for him and I truly hope he gets a position with the new administration. He seems like a man that youth will listen to! He'll forever be a Husker!
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