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I hate to say it but…

I completely agree. I hate the, head in the sand, mentality. It wasn’t impressive. Nothing wrong with stating that.
I hate the easy and lazy tack of always seeing the negative. There is nothing wrong with saying it was sloppy but acknowledging / realizing it is 15 practices with an entirely new staff and concepts with significant new personnel learning each other and that there were positives also.

True, but most of that time is without coaching, correct? mainly S&C?
Yes so there’s significantly more time ahead to practice than what they’ve actually had with football. S&C I believe runs through late February if I’m correct? Might not be exact but yes, actually installing the new offense and defense, we’ve had maybe a month and a half

Something I have yet to see mentioned is that we weren't simply running our base defense the entire game. We were actually blitzing and calling a defense to try and stop the offense. In most spring games, the D plays it vanilla. We definitely weren't doing that yesterday. Keeping that in mind, I'm slightly encouraged by our overall showing yesterday on both sides of the ball.
Sims and Kemp looked good. Sanford did a great job on forced fumbles. That's the positives I took away from the game. O-line is a bit improved but I'm not holding my breath for any big improvements for the near future.
It looked a little like the same ol offense. Not much of a running game, too many turnovers, lots of errant throws, quarterbacks running for their lives. Kicking game didn’t wow me either. I’m still hoping for the best, but this isn’t going to improve overnight.
It was a spring scrimmage. probably a bad measure of how the team will look after summer workouts and fall camp, and the top players playing every down, not to mention the new talent coming in.

But you are likely correct. It isn’t going to be fixed overnight. This is a team that only won 4 last year.

We might not have watched the same spring game then. White team rushed 48 times vs. 27 pass attempts and we would be close to 4 yards per carry if you subtract out sack yards. QBs didn’t run for their lives much other than a few pass rush wins by young guys, punting looked very good, field goal kicking didn’t look great.
I’m not a big stats guy, but less than 4 yards per carry after removing sacks doesn’t sound great, although I guess it’s barely enough to avoid three-and-out.
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What I saw was a Team still finding itself. When Coach was hired my take was we would be in for a couple rough years as things got rebuilt,Then as things have went the last few months and seeing so many positive things I started to think hey maybe we are back sooner.Now after yesterday I am back to thinking just because of schedule we might see 6-7 wins this year. I saw a lot of positive things felt effort was excellent which is to be expected for Spring. Was disheartened by the fumbles that is something that has to be addressed on an individual level. Hopefully there is enough pride on this team that players will decide to put in the work to improve their individual weaknesses. Thats what seperates good teams from bad ones.
Talking people off the ledge after the 15th 'practice' of a new staff with nearly 50% roster turnover is 'immediately shut down'? It's actually the counter to the 'We're screwed' sentiment by those who think we should look like a finished product.

Agree to disagree.

If this is year two, or three, or four under Rhule and this staff and this was the look, I agree and say we've got problems. First Spring Game. 15th practice. Lots to fix in such a short time with so many new faces.
Well just for the record, I’m not on the ledge nor do I think we are screwed. I just got my expectations a little too high and the spring game was a dose of reality. The offensive formations may have been different, but I could still see some of the same tendencies as before. On the other hand, let’s not discount the possibility that we may just have a pretty dang good defense.
I’m not a big stats guy, but less than 4 yards per carry after removing sacks doesn’t sound great. But I guess it’s barely enough to avoid three-and-out.
4 yards per carry is how you churn it out in the 4th quarter. We ran 48 times, there was a big emphasis on it

I am not in sync with OP. I really liked (in order of emphasis):

1) Sims
2) D scheme
3) Running Back Room
4) Improved team speed on D
5) Improved D tackling and physical play
6) Receiver Room (including TE's)
7) QB under Center

Some things to tighten up but I came away more positive than expected.
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