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I hate to say it but…

Maybe its just me, but CU team look completely undersized for the most part. Huge cushions that basically lets offensive WR's do whatever they want. Heck on one play, guy wasn't even blocked at all and wide open for a td. QB Sanders does look the part, but time will tell if he can manage against a higher caliber defense. He does seem to have some vision and throwing ability, honestly he looked as good as Thompson. But he also didn't have any pressure in his face either.

It looked a little like the same ol offense. Not much of a running game, too many turnovers, lots of errant throws, quarterbacks running for their lives. Kicking game didn’t wow me either. I’m still hoping for the best, but this isn’t going to improve overnight.
My thought was that this looks like a team that will struggle to win 6 games and make a bowl. No one should be shocked by this. After 6 straight losing seasons, this is where Nebraska is at as a program. Also, it's not Rhule's fault that the team looks so underwhelming. This is what he inherited from Frost and Co.

I think Rhule did a good job of trying to bring in some players who can make an impact right away. I saw a handful of guys who I think will help sooner rather than later, but I have no doubt that this year is going to get ugly at times, and we are going to lose a lot of games. I am ok with that as long as we are better in year 2 than in year 1, and if we are better in year 3 than in year 2.
I hate the easy and lazy tack of always seeing the negative. There is nothing wrong with saying it was sloppy but acknowledging / realizing it is 15 practices with an entirely new staff and concepts with significant new personnel learning each other and that there were positives also.
I know I'm late to the party but with all due respect. It's not about positive or negative. It's about expressing how you viewed the game. If you want to focus on the positive, awesome. There were a lot of good things. If you only want to focus on the negative, you do you. You and I are saying the same thing but with a different focus.

I came away from that game with the same concerns I've had for, the better part of 10 years. Maybe you think we're all fixed. I don't. I don't think this is a winning football team. Sorry. But my opinion has no bearing on what this team will accomplish. That's on them. I hope they prove me wrong.


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