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I find myself eager for the first game to begin


Travel Squad
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even though
- I think we are in transition to a professional minor league unrelated to how I think of college football
- we have the same head coach who probably is too far along to be any different from the last number of years
- I have no real idea how good the new offensive coaches are
- past performance in Husker football should mute any over the top enthusiasm for the portal newbies
- most every other team has also strengthened their team with new people
- we don't appear to have anyone as impressive as Micah Parsons was at one of our Friday Night deals
- our hopes for improved ST are lodged in players that have not kicked a ball in any game for us yet.

Whatever, I find myself eager for the first game to get started.

It’s not weird to have doubts with this staff and still eagerly await the start of the season. I would call you normal. :)


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We invented it (Hastings) so we get to drink it.
Was born there. Drink up!


Red Shirt
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I’m really looking forward to summer.


1. Humidity sucks
2. Bugs are a problem.
3. Too many idiots where I would like to go.
4. Gas prices are high.
5. it was hot last summer, it will probably be hot again.
6. if I mow the lawn, its going to grow back.
Agree with all but #1.


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Doesn;t matter about the previous years or year or whatever, I will always be excited for the season.....not the fall and winter, but the football season.
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