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Huskers Wrestlers Compete at UWW Junior and U23 Nationals-Win


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"Twenty-two members of the Nebraska wrestling team head to Coralville, Iowa this weekend to compete at Senior Nationals. The event, hosted by USA Wrestling, will be held at Xtream Arena & GreenState Family Fieldhouse on Oct. 9-11. "

Huskers competing at Senior Nationals:
Liam Cronin (60 kg)
Alex Thomsen (60 kg)
Brock Hardy (67 kg)
Ridge Lovett (67 kg)
Peyton Robb (77 kg)
Austin Emerson (130 kg)

Men's Freestyle
Jeremiah Reno (57 kg)
Dominick Serrano (57 kg)
Kevon Davenport (65 kg)
Christian Miller (65 kg)
Jevon Parrish (65 kg)
Chad Red Jr. (65 kg)
Caleb Licking (74 kg)
Mikey Labriola (86 kg)
Nathan Haas (86 kg)
Brandyn Van Tassell (86 kg)
Taylor Venz (86 kg)
Silas Allred (97 kg)
Eric Schultz (97 kg)
Landon Brown (125 kg)
Cale Davidson (125 kg)
Christian Lance (125 kg)

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Congratulations to Lance, Shultz, Thompson, Robb and Emerson and former husker TJ Dudley!
"After making it to the consolation semifinals, Schultz won by injury default in the fifth-place match against No. 1 seed Kyle Snyder. In the consolation quarterfinals, the senior earned a 9-7 decision victory over Northwestern's No. 11 seed Lucas Davison to advance to the bracket semifinals, but fell to No. 2 Hayden Zillmer by technical fall. Schultz finished seven places higher than his seed for the event and went 4-2 overall.

Lance earned a 6-4 decision victory over No. 4 seed David Tate Orndorff in the seventh-place match, keeping Orndorff scoreless in the second period to come back for the win. In the consolation quarterfinals, Lance fell in a 6-6 decision by criteria to No. 8 Daniel Chaid. The senior finished 3-2 overall at the event."

"Friday's Greco-Roman division featured three wrestlers earning top eight finishes. Sophomore Alex Thomsen secured the 65 kg title and Peyton Robb (77 kg) and Austin Emerson (130 kg) finished fourth and eighth, respectively."

"Thomsen, seeded at No. 9 for the event, earned a 5-3 decision victory over Mosha Schwartz in the final match. His path to the title was highlighted by a 10-4 decision win over No. 1 seed Taylor LaMont in the quarterfinals. Thomsen ended the day 4-0 overall.

Robb finished above his No. 8 seed and 4-2 on the day. In his final bout, he ultimately fell to Alec Ortiz by decision, 6-1. Robb worked his way through consolation rounds, winning three straight matches for a spot in the third-place bout."

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Alford, Lovett Advance to UWW Junior National Quarterfinals

OMAHA, Neb. – Ridge Lovett earned a UWW Junior Freestyle National Championship at 61 kg on Sunday at UWW Junior Nationals in Omaha. Also finishing in the top eight was Isaiah Alford with a fifth-place finish at 74 kg.

Lovett lost no momentum from Saturday's preliminary rounds as he pinned Carter Young in the quarterfinal round to start the day. In his semifinal bout, the sophomore did not give up a single point, defeating Isaiah Delgado by technical fall, 10-0. The final match saw Lovett strike first and pull away with the lead with 35 seconds left in the second period. Despite a last-second takedown by Cole Matthews, Lovett came away with a 5-4 decision victory for the title. Through six matches, he recorded one pin and won four by technical fall.
U23 Nationals
Junior Nationals
Isaiah Alford – 74 kg

Round of 64: Isaiah Alford tech. fall Gavin Model (Wisconsin RTC), 12-2
Round of 32: Isaiah Alford tech. fall Kaleb Canoyer (Nebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club), 10-0
Round of 16: Isaiah Alford tech. fall McKay Foy (Mustang Wrestling Club), 12-2
Quarterfinals: Cade Devos (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club) tech. fall Isaiah Alford, 12-1
Cons. 8 #2: Isaiah Alford tech. fall Elise Brown Ton, 11-1
Cons. 4: Isaiah Alford dec. Joshua Otto (Wisconsin RTC), 14-8
Cons. Semifinals: David Berkovich (New York City RTC) pins Isaiah Alford, 0:37
Fifth-place: Isaiah Alford tech. fall Baylor Fernandes (Gopher Wrestling Club - RTC), 15-5

Elise Brown Ton – 74 kg
Round of 64: BYE
Round of 32: Elise Brown Ton tech. fall Jack Chesman (Pearl River High School Wrestling), 10-0
Round of 16: Bernie Truax (Central Coast RTC) tech. fall Elise Brown Ton, 10-0
Cons. 16 #2: Elise Brown Ton dec. Cory Peterson (Unattached), 8-4
Cons. 8 #1: Elise Brown Ton dec. Grant Cuomo (Unattached), 14-8
Cons. 8 #2: Isaiah Alford tech. fall Elise Brown Ton, 11-1

Ridge Lovett – 61 kg
Round of 128: BYE
Round of 64: Ridge Lovett tech. fall Joseph Pins (Burg Training Center), 10-0
Round of 32: Ridge Lovett tech. fall Ryan Michaels (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 10-0
Round of 16: Ridge Lovett tech. fall Evan Buchanan (Cavalier Wrestling Club), 10-0
Quarterfinals: Ridge Lovett pins Carter Young (Team BIG), 4:01
Semifinals: Ridge Lovett tech. fall Isaiah Delgado (Brunson UVRTC), 10-0
Finals: Ridge Lovett dec. Cole Matthews (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club), 5-4
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