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Huskers @Wolverines - Sunday - 4-9-23 - 11 am Ct - Ray Fisher Stadium - Ann Arbor - Game 3 of 3 - (Winner takes the series)

lh ab
Jefferis ab
takes outside
curve ball
1-0 count
2for2 today

fouled back
1-1 count

hit to Garza
and 1-5-...not in time!!
Garza tossed to 2nd, but
in the dirt, ruining the dp!! :(

2 outs
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Kim will come to bat
lh vs rhp

hit deep to rt and ...not
that deep!! :) Cole has it
for out #3!! Commentators
once again fooled by the

3 outs!!
2 lob!!
end of 6 full

10-3 Huskers :Cheers:
Husker gals win their game vs MD
not sure if it was 3-0 or more. Now,
Ill and Mich softball on BIG network

Brandon Mann rhp on mound
16.80 era
5 innings pitched

March 21st last time he pitched.

sic 'em!!
in the dirt
1-0 count on Carey

runner goes
and he is safe
as it goes into ctr on
a wp by the C :)
over to 3rd!! :)


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