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Huskers vs Wildcats - 4-4-23 - Tuesday - 6 pm CT. - Frank Meyers Field - Manhattan, Ks.

cf Brandon Jones
in 8th spot now
dropped down
19 sb!!

fast ball over
0-1 count

hit past Max!
2 on :) 1 out
C Phillips ab
#9 hitter in lineup

fast ball away
1-0 count

dp, please?

fouled back
1-1 count
in with brk ball!!
1-2 count
whiff this guy!!

missed inner half!!
2-2 count
slowly hit 3b
goes foul

fast ball
1-0 count

hbp and single
2 outs

hot shot to rf
Evans cuts it off
and it is a long single
2-1 :(
24 rbi for Rugely (correct spelling :) )
ball 1

Rugley has 8 sb

in for strike

1-1 count

outside for 2-1 count
sb by Rugely

3rd sb this game!!

3-1 count
in for a full count
Culpepper on deck

3-2 count
misses the outside corner!!
ball 4

top of the 3rd

Again, very windy in Manhattan

9, 1, 2

Mason Buff on the mound, btw

sq to bunt

down for ball 1

327 for Casey
hit to 1b
1 high hop, and he tags the bag

1 out, just like that!

Brice ab
11 game hit streak on the line

curve on inside corner
0-1 count
400 avg now

down in the dirt
1-1 count
high and hard; fouled it off, chasing it!!!
1-2 count on Brice

hit up the middle!!
12 game hit streak!! :) :Hooray:


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