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Huskers vs Wildcats - 4-4-23 - Tuesday - 6 pm CT. - Frank Meyers Field - Manhattan, Ks.

Snow around my house is almost to my knees! I hate that crap! Belongs in the mountains!! :(

top of 2nd

Swansen ab

hit foul, 1b side
0-1 count

down/fast ball
1-1 count

hbp; on shoulder!!
Swansen hbp 5 times this season :)

toss over
not in time
1 sb

1-1 count to Gabe

outside corner
1-1 count

ball 2
2-1 count

over for 2-2 count

rf line is wide open!!
hit foul, 3b side

lh v rhp
Ben was up
strike 3 on outside, again!!
1 out
slider over for
2 quick strikes on Caron

ump is giving pitches away!

hit off the helmet!!
2 hbp!
2 on
Anglim ab
375 3 9 rbi

fouled back
0-1 on Garrett

slider down/blocked
1-1 count
rt side is op for Anglim

off the mitt!! Runners move up!
pb, he thinks. 1 out and 2 in
scoring postiion
2-2 count

misses up
now it is 2-2!!

fouled out of play
2-2 count
Greg blaming ump
for the premature count!! ;)
wind took that ball back to the outfielder!!

Caron did not move off 2nd!!
0-1 count
hit foul
0-2 on Cole

0-2 to Cole

in the dirt
good block by C
1-2 count

Casey on deck

hot shot to left!!!

Caron scores!!!!!!!

rbi and double!!

2-0 Huskers!! :Hooray::Hooray:
327 avg
2-1 count

Cole goes
caught stealing!!

2 runs 1 hit 2 hpb no errors
end of 1 1/2

2-0 Huskers!! :cool:
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Again, came in late, so do not have the line up
Shoveling snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!! :eek:

Pena ab rh

low, ball 1
hit foul, 1b side
1-1 count
in for strike 2
on a late call!!
1-2 count

strike 3 called!!


1 out


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