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Huskers vs Wildcats - 4-4-23 - Tuesday - 6 pm CT. - Frank Meyers Field - Manhattan, Ks.

3-0 count

in for strike 1
3-1 count

strike on outside corner
fast ball

full count

lined foul, 3b side

My Warriors are coming up at 9 central, on Prime Video, and I need to be downstairs before 9, in order to record it on a dvd. :)

I think I will make it ;)

Gabe ab
slider for strike

1-1 count

has a single

slider over
1-2 count
9 hr 33 rbi for Max, now

out of play, 1b side
1-2 count
Ben ab
single in 4 tries

1-0 count; pitch is up

pop up rt ctr
2b drops it!!
Thank you, Day! :)

Ben is at 2nd, hustling

called a double!
never touched it out there!! :)

Josh ab
buzzed the tower!
1-0 count
bring him home!! :)

2-0 count


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