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Huskers vs Wildcats - 4-4-23 - Tuesday - 6 pm CT. - Frank Meyers Field - Manhattan, Ks.

pop up and into the grandstands
2-2 count on Luke

toss over
back in time

bunts it foul!
ball is way outside!! Geesh!

Evans ab
Cole is 1for2

way outside

1-0 count

whole right side is open
1-1 count
bunt to 2nd!! ;)
get it passed the P

Casey ab

hbp!! on the leg

2 on; 2 outs
Brice ab!!
2 hits tonite!!
2nd was a dbl for 2 runs

ball 1

9 lob for Huskers

Shay still on the mound

Roberto Pena ab
nice name for baseball! ;)
1b rh vs rhp

slider misses inside
1-0 count
1-1 on slider, down
s/m on slider, again!
1-2 count
Perry is up

hit foul at plate
getting chilly now!

s/m!! another slider!
1 out :)

Hughes lh in for Lobliner
at the plate

fast ball over
0-1 count

hit to 1st
almost hit the pillow!

1b unassisted!
Ben makes the out


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