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I dont get the chance to post much on here, but I have enjoyed reading the pbp over the last week or so. You guys do an awesome job thanks.


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Thanks for the pbp C-bob.

You'e all welcome. When I get going, it is easy. Some times, though, it
takes me a while to warm up. Lately, I am doing all the pitches (almost all)
with a full screen, "escaping" back to the forum. It is a challenge, some times,
but it is good for the brain cells, right? Need to keep the mind fresh!!! :lol:
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Then, hopefully, next time, make each game a separate pick.
Just like a rainout it gets thrown out and we make it up next week. Picking all 4 gms. gets messy. Easy to go 0-4 on those. :D
This weekend is another 4 gm. series and it starts THURSDAY! So don't forget to get your picks in! I'm working on the Contest right now, should be up within the hour!


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Great job by the coaches and the team. I popped in during lunch a little earlier and wanted to see if we had pulled the win out.