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Huskers v. Bulldogs Game #2 Thread


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member

1-1, ball on outs cnr

HR would be oh, so sweet!

in dirt

Mike P is on deck

it would be such a shame
to lose this. Pierce was

outside cnr
2-2 count

fans are ticked at ump

in dirt, good stop by Garrett,
so save a run

full count on Kale

pop up, 3b side, out/play


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
8-5 lead blown!!

need a hit!!

come on, Kale

ripped to ctr...Bonchek makes the catch

later, guys. I am going to barf!! :puke:


Husker Fan
20 Year Member
quite a losing streak for husker sports lately...

football loss to south carolina...

volleyball women get bumped out of the tournament early.

husker women's basketball on the 3-game losing streak.

husker men's basketball with a very fine win today -- but horrible season.

men's baseball team comes out of the gates 0-2.


Tom Osborne
5 Year Member
Thought they could hold a three run lead in the 9th, but nope. Much work to be done on this project. We get another chance tomorrow.


5 Year Member
I would be pretty disappointed with a sweep but this is a pretty decent Gonzaga team. Watched them play several times last year and they were one win away from NCAA.