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Huskers v. Bulldogs Game #2 Thread


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Tyler stunk....sorry!

hit to lfld to the gap

not in time at the plate

9-8 lead off of Holcomb's bat

we are choking!!


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
4 runs in and they may not be finished!

Lamb ab

fouled back


16 hits for dogs

Lamb calls t/o

hot shot passed Brian

another run in

10-8 zags - pathetic - 5th hit this inning.


Junior Varsity
5 Year Member
Funny how baseball is a team sport but one guy can really put the hurt on a game. ouch. How deflating. Poor kids confidence is going to be shot. Tough to recover from that one.


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Well i guess i will go watch the Husker BBall game i missed
I will, also. I don't know the final score, but I will enjoy it. This is a sad state of affairs.

I am afraid, Tyler is not going to sleep tonite. :puke:


2 Year Member
Gotta feel bad for Tyler...I'm sure that he's just sick. Not going to stay in the closer role for long with these kinds of outings.


Scout Team
10 Year Member
Good night fellas, I still believe, but church is early in the AM, and with this week, I need to get some sleep. hope to see you tommorrow but I am not promising anything.


Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Ryan Hander on the mound
fst low 90's

brk bl is a good one
nasting brk'ng ball
a change is good, also

Hmmm!!! Tonite, I hope!

5 runs in.......so far :(

Lane ab


2 singles for Lane and hbp 2 times
all tonite!

Hander steps off mound

brk bl away

Pierce, sneak back in, please??

fstbl line fair up rf fld line

Lamb to 3rd, long single



Husker Immortal
15 Year Member
Stanford ab
1for5 tonite

17 hits now

to Hander to ss
to 1b in time

dp....................tooooooooooooo late!!

Well, can we score 2 or 3? Pray, guys!

6 hits that inning, as they score big!!!!