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Huskers @Spartans - Thursday - 5:02 CDT - 5/16/24 - McLane Stadium/Kobs Field

I think Caleb walked Thompson on purpose….

They knew something we didn’t….

Wanted to get to that next batter.

top of 9th
Ill up 5-4 on Pur
hopefully, Pur can pull
it out in the btm of the 9th!!
Well, gonna' go now and join
Linda at karaoke!! :Wave:
I mean it doesn’t get much better than that pitching wise….

Your starter goes 7 2/3 and only gives up one run….

And your reliever comes in as a possible “set up man”…..

And just closes them out!
I hate Purdue……. the chicken crap they pulled a couple years ago…..

Just total unsportsmanlike….

But I have to say I’m rooting for them tonight LOL

what’s that old saying?? “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

didn’t that basically kick Nebraska out of the Big 10 tourney?

claimed incoming weather….

Weather never appeared.

Three local high school teams in the area played that day.

Whoever they were playing (can’t remember) already was in the tournament with a very good seed and said sure, we don’t need to play you…(and we can rest our pitching to boot)

Home team has the say and they were the Home team.

They would’ve lost that game…..almost assuredly….putting us in.

It was ridiculous…..

Totally taking advantage of a situation in an Unsportsmanlike way

They lost the first two games of the tournament and were out immediately.
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Illinois won 5-4

Darn it!

oh well, we can’t worry about what Illinois does…
we need to take care of our own business!


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