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Huskers post game presser Illinois


Still in Fresno
It was painful to watch him. I feel for him. If we feel awful, it's not hard to imagine how bad he feels. Let the whole season play out. It might not change, but it just might. We don't know. I give him credit for caring.
Good point. Let's see how the rest of the season plays out. I have a feeling we will see a much different team against Iowa next Friday. But having one of our QB's step up and make the throws down field would really, really help the offense.


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We are not progressing and past performance indicates future success or failure. We have not seen any indication anything will change when they play Iowa. HCSF does not have any tricks or special magic to make a difference. The team is poorly prepared and not coach in proper techniques that would indicate any success. You can't chalk it up to just a bad week. Bad weeks are normal with this staff. I have yet to see a whole game top performance with this staff.