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Locked due to no posts in 60 days. Report 1st post if need unlocked Huskers offer another WR from Fort Scott CC: Malcom Moulton

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He is a 3 to play 3 guy....had a medical RS in 2009...played two games before being hurt........with the pipe-line we have established with Coach Sims at Fort Scott I would think our chances are real good to land him...Texas A&M is said to be showing soem interest too....

Lawrenceville, GA
Central Gwinnett HS
Fort Scott CC
185 lbs
40 time:
Scholarships: Arkansas St., Middle Tennessee State, Nebraska, Northern Illinois, Southern Miss
Recruiters: Ted Gilmore & Carl Pelini

Rivals: 3*** 5.6
Rivals.com junior college top 50 2011 (#31)----Top 18 are 4****s

High School Senior year Highlights:

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Wow. Kid looks like a serious play-maker.

RR, do we know why he went Jr College? I'm assuming to straighten out academics?
Some nice highlights. Kid seems to have good vision, quickness and not easily brought down. Hope we land him.

Yeah me too....I suspect Bo has vetted him with Coach Sims and he understands no more off-field tomfoolery will be allowed either....

Some nice highlights. Kid seems to have good vision, quickness and not easily brought down. Hope we land him.
Okay fixed....thanks to Centex heads-up....:)

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- Police arrested two Central Gwinnett High School football players and charged them with forgery, after police said the players used counterfeit $10 bills at the school's bookstore.

School police reports said Malcolm Alvin Moulton, 17, and Daryle Davon Wesley, 18, used $30 in counterfeit bills on Monday to make a purchase at the book store. The two were arrested and charged with first-degree forgery, a felony.

A teammate, running back Diante Drake, was arrested Aug. 4 and charged with marijuana possession, his second such charge in nine months.

Moulton is a wide receiver and Wesley a linebacker.

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Hmmm... would this guy be more of a slot or maybe a deep threat (post/sideline) guy??? I'm just looking at the height and size and he doesn't fit well with sizes we've lined up with our top three group. I'm in no position to judge his skills. I guess I'm just thinking that based on size, maybe he's a guy the might not see the field unless we are going 4 or 5 wide. Otherwise, he'd be good for those WR sweeps.

We just seem to be moving towards the big body guys who can do some serious damage blocking so I'm just trying to fit this guy into the picture.

LOL I got the stories mixed up....:) Thanks....:)

Easy to do. These guys (Moody & Moulton) sound like they both made some mistakes, hopefully they will both learn from them. I'm not real crazy on these second chance guys but I trust Bo and his coaches wouldn't offer anyone who hasn't cleaned up their act. One thing that seems clear.....they both have possess some mad football skills. :)
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