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Huskers may be adding another D-1 transfer


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Iirc Frost did try to recruit him, but it was after he had commited to CSU. His older brother was a starter at CSU.


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This would be huge. You could almost pencil him in as a starter in 2020 if he selects us.
He played four games as a red shirt at Colorado State and all of a sudden he’s a starter at Nebraska? I agree this is a good pick up but let’s not go overboard. Time will tell and talent will rise to the top.


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You're both kind of right. He does have 4 years to play 3 seasons, but he'll have to sit 2019 (leaving a scholarship situation to walk-on) because of the transfer. He's not a typical 4 to play 3 since he can't use his redshirt whenever he wants.

At least in my opinion, calling him a 3 to play 3 implies that he's eligible next season and has three seasons to play.
Why would he sit if he redshirted last year. He did not play last year so he would be eligible right?


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Why would he sit if he redshirted last year. He did not play last year so he would be eligible right?
Same reason Gebbia had to sit out last season after transferring and redshirting the previous year. With how waivers are going this off season, it’s possible that they could apply for one.


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He realizes how incredibly loaded :Eek: we are at LB so far, so he figures he's a starter come 2020.
6-0, 211 pounds. Doesn't fit the profile coaches are targeting on the recruiting trail for inside or outside. Can he even play LB in this defense or will they move him to safety?

Transferring because he (likely) wasn't in line for major PT at a Mountain West school coming off a 3-9 season. That pencil better not have any lead in it.

But I will definitely say this is a good addition as a walk-on. Heck, he could turn out like Luke Reimer, who knows? But like most walk-ons, you should be pleasantly surprised if they contribute more than special teams. Exceptions are always welcome.