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Huskers @Indiana - 9 30 23 - 6 pm ctrl

Getting out of the state of Indiana with 2 victories given how high-error we were in both matches is remarkable and lucky. I can live with 16 serving errors if we get 7 or 8 aces as well, but that wasn't the case last night. Given the number of calls that required Cook to challenge and win (9 or 10 in total over both matches) does not leave the officials in the Hoosier state in a good light. And as mentioned already, they got TWO calls wrong on the same point. I'll bet Cook has or will mention this to the conference.

Proud of the girls gutting out 2 wins when they were obviously struggling. The moxie they displayed should bode well for them down the road, but yeah, we cough up that many points again and we are playin' with fire and will get burned.
As far as Cook notifying the conference, let's hope it doesn't inspire them to get worse in the future. Just let them try it! Right, Coach? ;)

Yeah, I had a lot of thoughts on the officiating in the state of Indiana!! Very suspicious, if you ask me. Only other alternative would be, they are an inexperienced bunch of officials! :Sarcasm::Sarcastic::Nothingtoadd:


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