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Huskers in the AFL


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My son and I caught most of the game (he's the biggest DPE fan). I must have missed that one catch. DPE had two bad drops and that muffed punt. And it seemed like they weren't even looking Kenny's way.

DPE's greatest opportunity to play at the next level is playing special teams, so those mistakes are huge. He doesn't seem like the same player he was....so yes, I agree @Red Reign with your line of thinking.

On a side note the official stats came out for the game and there is no record of DPE's 30 yard catch LOL. Even when he does something positive it's not reflected in the league box score. Sucks

#15 for the other team had a +/- 30 yard catch on the part I watched. With the same number and no familiarity with the uniforms I wounder if some thought that was a DPL catch.
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Poor DPE... he actually let two go through his hands... one boinking off his helmet. It would have been a difficult catch, but he kind of went Jose Conseco with it. The muffed punt was not so good. The one catch that I did see him make was nice, and he did field another punt, make some nice moves with it and get about 5 yards or so. The announcers did mention that he was subbing for the injured starter at punt returns. As for K Bell, Salt Lake's QB made some bad throws when going his way. Banderas played some too, but did not start. I just watched the first half though, so don't know how they did in the second half.


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DPE got a fumble called that was bogus in yesterday's game at Birmingham. The guy cannot catch a break, as the other team took it back for a score. The score was the difference in the game.
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