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Huskers Illustrated Talks With Ted Silva


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Nice little free piece from HI that touches on a number of bits.

At each career stop, Silva has dropped team earned run averages like a 12-6 curveball. Under Silva's tutelage last season, Loyola Marymount dropped its team ERA from 7.21 to 3.25. He'll need to work similar magic this year for the Huskers, who haven't had a team ERA less than 4.00 since 2006. He'll have plenty of returning talent in sophomore Logan Ehlers and junior Tyler Niederklein.
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It would be nice if he can do the same at NU. Think of how many more games we would have won if we had a team ERA under 4 the last few years.

Hope we can win the title in our first year.


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I fully intend to follow Husker baseball next season, for the first time. I may event take in a game when they're playing NorthWestern or Illinois.