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HuskerMax Trauma Survivor Support Group (HTSSG)


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A new service starting today. ThotDoc will be by periodically to answer your questions and concerns and provide a plan. All posts will be treated with the utmost confidence by the staff and members of HuskerMax.

Just to show you all will be fine I will go first.

Question: Why are there so many factions on Huskermax and why can't they get along?


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Great thread. Wonder where the idea for it came from?

Question: I'm left handed. Why does that inhibit my understanding of some posters and the threads they start?

Who has the collection basket for ThotDoc's services?
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Almost forgot about the group support around here. The football board is packed full of tough guys since the season ended.

Anyone ever see TD on this thread providing his assistance if needed?


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Each of the voices in my head want to have their own Husker Max account. Should I be concerned?

Others tried it this season and they just seemed crazy.
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