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Husker Wrestlers Finding Individual & Team Success


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Venz up in the championship semis, facing Penn State #1 seeded wrestler. White lost to a Penn State #1 wrestler.

Labriola in the consolation bracket coming up shortly.


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Venz led 4-3; but, big takedown straight to a cradle. Fought it off for a bit, but goes down by fall.


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Labriola up in the consolations. Schulz up in championship semis. Another Penn State matchup. We hold a 1 point edge over Penn State for 2nd right now. But, they have 8 still going in the championship bracket to our 1.

Jensen also up shortly in the consolations.
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Labrioloa finishes with a flurry, wins 17-7 with 7 points in the final 14 seconds. Led 8-6 after two periods.
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Schulz wins 4-3 to head to the championship.

Nebraska back into 2nd (for now, Penn State has too many still wrestling in the championship matches).


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Jensen wins 6-1. That's it for the main brackets. There are still a few matches in the 9th place brackets (first round losers). Not sure if those score for the team or not?

Standings heading into tomorrow's consolation semifinals and championship matches. All 10 Nebraska wrestlers are still in consolation semifinals except Schulz (going for the championship) and Lovett (wrestling for 7th).


I have to give a shoutout to BTN+. Cameras on each of the 4 matches, so you can choose what to watch. FLO wrestling's website made it easy to see what matches were upcoming for the team.


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Tomorrow's Matchups (someone may have a better, more organized source than this):

All are consolation semis and will wrestle twice tomorrow for finishes anywhere from 3rd -6th, except 133 and 197 as noted.

125: #10 Thomsen vs. #5 Medley (Mich)
133: #6 Lovett vs. #8 Silva (Mich) - for 7th
141: #4 Red vs. #3 Murin (Iowa)
149: #7 Purington vs. #4 Storr (Michigan)
157: #7 Robb vs. #6 Tucker (Michigan State)
165: #4 White vs. #7 Braunagel (Illinois)
174: #5 Labriola vs. #3 Lydy (Purdue)
184: #4 Venz vs. #6 Jordan (Ohio State)
197: #2 Schultz vs. #1 Moore (Ohio State) - championship
285: #5 Jensen vs. #3 Cassioppi (Iowa)


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The Huskers' entire lineup advanced to quarterfinal matches and Eric Schultz (197) will compete for an individual title on Sunday afternoon. That means our entire lineup can possibly place in the top 8, out of 14. And, they all could possibly go to the NCAA championships.

Big Ten Championships
Sessions I & II
March 7, 2020
Piscataway, N.J. (Rutgers Athletic Center)

125 Pounds: No. 10 Alex Thomsen

First Round: Alex Thomsen (NEB) dec. Liam Cronin (Indiana), 17-12
Quarterfinals: Devin Schroder (PUR) tech. fall Alex Thomsen (NEB), 15-0
Second Cons. Round: Alex Thomsen (NEB) major dec. Eric Barnett (WIS), 11-3
Third Cons. Round: Alex Thomsen (NEB) dec. Logan Griffin (MSU), 5-2
Cons. Semifinals: Alex Thomsen (NEB) v. Jack Medley (MICH)

133 Pounds: No. 6 Ridge Lovett
First Round: Ridge Lovett (NEB) pinned Boo Dryden (MINN) (0:33)
Quarterfinals: Austin DeSanto (Iowa) dec. Ridge Lovett (NEB), 1-0
Second Cons. Round: Ridge Lovett (NEB) pinned Travis Ford-Melton (PUR) (4:29)
Third Cons. Round: Sammy Alvarez (RU) dec. Ridge Lovett (NEB), 9-3
7th-Place Match: Ridge Lovett (NEB) v. Joey Silva (MICH)

141 Pounds: No. 4 Chad Red Jr.
First Round: Chad Red Jr. (NEB) major dec. Eddie Bolivar (IND), 12-2
Quarterfinals: Chad Red Jr. (NEB) dec. Tristan Moran (WIS), 10-4
Semifinals: Nick Lee (PSU) dec. Chad Red Jr., 7-5
Cons. Semifinals: Chad Red Jr. (NEB) v. Max Murin (IOWA)

149 Pounds: No. 7 Collin Purinton
First Round: Collin Purinton (NEB) pinned Griffin Parriott (PUR) (8:59)
Quarterfinals: Pat Lugo (IOWA) major dec. Collin Purinton (NEB), 12-2
Second Cons. Round: Collin Purinton (NEB) dec. Jarod Verkleeren (PSU), 5-2
Third Cons. Round: Collin Purinton (NEB) dec. Alex Hrisopoulos (MSU), 6-3
Cons. Semifinals: Collin Purinton (NEB) v. Kanen Storr (MICH)

157 Pounds: No. 7 Peyton Robb
First Round: Peyton Robb (NEB) major dec. Jahi Jones (MD), 14-3
Quarterfinals: Peyton Robb (NEB) dec. Kaleb Young (IOWA), 3-2
Semifinals: Kendall Coleman (PUR) dec. Peyton Robb (NEB), 3-2
Cons. Semifinals: Peyton Robb (NEB) v. Jake Tucker (MSU)

165 Pounds: No. 4 Isaiah White
First Round: Isaiah White (NEB) pinned Nate Limmex (PUR) (6:02)
Quarterfinals: Isaiah White (NEB) dec. Ethan Smith (OSU), 5-2
Semifinals: Vincenzo Joseph (PSU) dec. Isaiah White (NEB), 6-3
Cons. Semifinals: Isaiah White (NEB) v. Danny Braunagel (ILL)

174 Pounds: No. 5 Mikey Labriola
First Round: Mikey Labriola (NEB) pinned Max Maylor (MICH) (0:33)
Quarterfinals: Devin Skatzka (MINN) dec. Mikey Labriola (NEB), 6-2
Second Cons. Round: Mikey Labriola (NEB) tech. fall Willie Scott (RU), 18-3
Third Cons. Round: Mikey Labriola (NEB) major dec. Layne Malczewski (MSU), 17-7
Cons. Semifinals: Mikey Labriola (NEB) v. Dylan Lydy (PUR)

184 Pounds: No. 4 Taylor Venz
First Round: Taylor Venz (NEB) tech. fall Jake Hinz (IND), 18-0
Quarterfinals: Taylor Venz (NEB) dec. Billy Janzer (RU), 9-3
Semifinals: Aaron Brooks (PSU) pinned Taylor Venz (NEB) (4:00)
Cons. Semifinals: Taylor Venz (NEB) v. Rocky Jordan (OSU)

197 Pounds: No. 2 Eric Schultz
First Round: BYE
Quarterfinals: Eric Schultz (NEB) pinned Hunter Ritter (MINN) (2:52)
Semifinals: Eric Schultz (NEB) dec. Shakur Rasheed (PSU), 4-3
Championship: Eric Schultz (NEB) v. Kollin Moore (OSU)

285 Pounds: No. 5 David Jensen
First Round: David Jensen (NEB) dec. Jake Kleimola (IND), 7-3
Quarterfinals: Trent Hillger (WIS) dec. David Jensen (NEB), 7-2
Second Cons. Round: David Jensen (NEB) dec. Christian Rebottaro (MSU), 5-0
Third Cons. Round: David Jensen (NEB) dec. Luke Luffman (ILL), 6-1
Cons. Semifinals: David Jensen (NEB) v. Tony Cassioppi (IOWA)

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Today's matches:

125: Thomson loses to Medley (Michigan) 2-1. Then by fall to Cronin (Ind) at 4:09. Finishes 6th.

133: Lovett beats Silva (Mich), 4-3. Finishes 7th.

141: Red beats Murin (Iowa), 3-1. Wrestles Moran (Wisc) for 3rd shortly.

149: Purington upsets Storr (Mich), 8-3. Wrestles Lee (Minn) for 3rd shortly

157: Robb moves on over Tucker (MSU), forfeit. Wrestle Barone (Ill) for 3rd shortly.

165: White beats Braunagel (Ill), 11-4. Wrestles Smith (OSU) for 3rd shortly.

174: Labriola loses to Lydy (Purdue), 5-3. Will wrestle Skatzka (Minn) for 5th shortly.

184: Venz beats Jordan (OSU), 9-0. Wrestles Assad (Iowa) for 3rd shortly.

197: Schultz will be wrestling Moore (OSU) for the championship on BTN in a while. 141 weight class is just starting on BTN.

285: Jensen lost to Cassiopi (Iowa), 2-0. Will wrestle Traub (OSU) for 5th in a while.

That was a great round for our guys, still holding onto 2nd. With PSU and OSU having more wrestlers than us in the finals, we need our guys to win the final bouts for 3rd and 5th to hold on.



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Through 149:

TV announces that Iowa has clinched the championship, so I think we'd be pretty close to clinching 2nd.
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