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Husker WBB Sign Top 25 Recruiting Class


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Congratulations to Coach Amy Williams

Nebraska's impressive group includes two players ranked among the top 100 in the ESPN individual rankings, led by the versatile Kendall Coley (No. 49) and Nebraska high school standout Allison Weidner (No. 80) at the national level. Lincoln native Alexis Markowski, who will contend with Weidner for Nebraska's state high school player-of-the-year award in 2021, Illinois prep star Kendall Moriarity and Tatiana Popa fortify a strong five-player class. Four members of the Husker class have been ranked among the top 100 in the country by at least one ranking service, and all five have been mentioned among the top 275.

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:Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap: Thanks @Bean . :Salute:

Here is something I found elsewhere :Redface: that expresses my thoughts on the status of the WBB program better than I could.

Who knew we were considered to have the 21st rated incoming class :Mfclap::Mfclap::Mfclap:(or did I just dream that :Lol:). At last some information is beginning to filter down/through the percolater that is the WBB program. Combined with the upcoming schedule release (hopefully by the end of the week), I am getting excited for the WBB season to start (as long as it may last with possible cancellations and all from Covid etc).

It will be interesting to see who of the incoming transfers will be eligible to play this year. With the incoming class and transfers, we could be a Dark Horse in the conference this year! :Cheer2:

"Coach has moved up to a tougher conference, coming to NU. She and staff are learning what it takes to compete at this level. Sure looks like they've stepped up their game with the last few recruiting classes. The next few years should see an up tic for sure.

Just my opinion, but think we had an attitude problem last year that soured the chemistry. Now that's gone from the team.... we're not on that same path, and that's good. Really want to see the new team play. The new players. See how the chemistry has changed...pretty sure it has....for the good. Wish we had more preseason games to get our act together.

In general the B1G isn't overly strong in the ratings. Maybe that's a good thing for us. We can get acclimated and develop and work our way into being competitive and not get crushed by other B1G teams. Up hill battle though...but we've a got a talented new team to get it done. And real nice classes coming in the future.

Always optimistic. Like our team. Just wish we could get on the floor soon, and get this thing going. : )"
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