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Husker Football doing just FINE!!


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This is small slice from PPV article which shows Husker football is doing just fine. We're not going back to the Big 12 anytime soon... :Lol:

Last fiscal year, Husker football made $97,900,681. That’s according to the annual report NU sends to the NCAA in December. Reporters get the data in mid-January. Nebraska athletics had a terrific financial year between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022, making more than $143 million in overall revenue and netting a $12,241,993 surplus compared to expenses.
Husker football itself made more than $62 million in surplus. The World-Herald will have more in-depth coverage soon on how money and college sports are more intertwined than ever, but the basic figures tell you what we’ve long known.
The pigskin is a cash cow.

This is small slice from PPV article which shows Husker football is doing just fine. We're not going back to the Big 12 anytime soon... :Lol:
No we are not going back to the B12. And this year, our share of B1G Network $$ steps up yet again.
Trev and the university administration have proven that they will be reinvesting some of that revenue into coaches salaries, facilities, travel expenses for national recruiting, and so on. If I was Coach Rhule, I'd feel pretty decent about the situation he's stepped into.

Kind of puts the NIL deals in perspective. Star players getting multimillion dollar deals isn’t so surprising when there is potential for a struggling program to make $100M.

This might be a good time to highlight was an awesome job Trev Alberts is doing as Athletic Director for all sports and for the University. I hope we are paying him enough to keep him.
I like Trev. I think he's a great face for the program. I hope he has coaches in place that will improve the sport they are coaching. I'm glad he is our AD. I'm not sure he is doing an awesome job. Time will tell.
We're lucky we have the donors and the facilities to compete in the NIL era. It's kind of a Catch 22, NIL hurts the smaller market teams because they lack the money and the facilities, and it hurts the larger established teams because they can't keep everyone they recruit happy. Both Georgia and Alabama are feeling that pain. Sure, their starters will always be frontline players, but they have a lot of 4 and 5 star players sitting on the bench where there is money and playing time to be found elsewhere. We're in the sweet spot and Rhule is doing a great job of taking advantage of that.


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