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Husker Dan makes a case for Dylan Raiola to come to Nebraska.

I apologize for steering this back on track, who doesn't love cheerleader pics...:)

I guess from my perspective it is going to come down to a few things. First, playing time as a freshman. At NU, he probably has the keys to the car day 1. Georgia and USC draw similar talent at QB, and all positions really, so he may be caught in a logjam potentially. Second, how important to him is the family factor? Dad played at NU and Uncle coaches here, does that really matter to a 17 year old kid?

When you stack USC, Georgia and us recently we cannot compare to their on the field success. We also can't compete with Lincoln Riley being a QB whisperer with us not really knowing much about Satterfield.

In my humble opinion, this will come down to his gut choice and it is pretty clear that no one outside his family has any idea where his head is at right now. Agree or disagree, hopefully we find out sooner rather than later.
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Sorry but this article didn't do much for me. Huskermax posters have stated more compelling arguments than some of this. When 5 of his 10 reasons are because of Rhule.......and Dylan has to compare Rhule to Kirby Smart and USC I think that argument is over played. There are some good reasons to look at his opportunities here and the lack of significant starter competition and the patience the Husker fans will have. But I think those discussions have been much better hashed out here with more evidence and logic.
He had a great premise but couldn't figure out the 10 reasons. Still, I enjoyed it. I want to see the NIL post-mortem when this is all said and done. How much was Nebraska able to promise compared to USC and Georgia? I don't think NIL is everything but when Nebraska really throws its hat in the ring, where do we stand?
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I’m not sure it’s over with yet. All signs say yes but at some point he really needs to weigh the risks of not emerging as the starter at Georgia

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I have no doubt. Big city, big university. Numbers game says there are tons of them. Oklahoma State has an unusual amount of them as well, for a small town, but the tailgating and sights are phenomenal.


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