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Husker Dan makes a case for Dylan Raiola to come to Nebraska.


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Perhaps blood really is thicker than water? Just have to kick back and watch it play out. Husker fans have been disappointed more times then not hoping to land a big time recruit. Maybe this time we finally land a generational player?


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Sorry but this article didn't do much for me. Huskermax posters have stated more compelling arguments than some of this. When 5 of his 10 reasons are because of Rhule.......and Dylan has to compare Rhule to Kirby Smart and USC I think that argument is over played. There are some good reasons to look at his opportunities here and the lack of significant starter competition and the patience the Husker fans will have. But I think those discussions have been much better hashed out here with more evidence and logic.

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Very good chance .... USC :Bananalazy:


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All those reasons may sound good the bachelor #3, but what does the beautiful woman think?
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