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Humor Thread: please join in, I'm tired of crying :(

Hooked on Huskers

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Win out. 10/30 Purdue, 11/6 tOSU, 11/20 Wiskey and Black Friday Birds ...... all victims of COVID protocol. Huskers was immune.

Thus 7 wins and 5 losses. BOWL BOUND !!! Plus 2-3 months rest.

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The Nth Degree

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So after keeping my wife up all night crying myself to sleep after the Minnesota game.

This did NOT make her very happy, but neither did the Huskers play during the game!

I decided that I would start a humor thread, hoping others would join in and make laughter replace tears.

First one:

To generate revenue, next week Pizza Hut is sponsoring a Helmut Decal:


Okay I'll play...

Ya know, we've had Scott Frost as our head coach for four years now.

But really... it only feels like four minutes...

Four minutes under water without a snorkel!
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