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How to videos


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I get a lot of questions about logging in and profiles. If you have questions on these subjects watch this video. This is more of a test and if it helps users out I can make more that go over the other functions of the board.



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Very useful, medic. When you do others, I'd like to see how to best post pics and video links.

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I'd like a video about how to do avatars. 80 x 80? How do I resize an image to that size? With what program? How to these guys use a gif as their avatar?


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I believe with this new board platform they recommend 200 x 200 and there is a limit for file size.... < 30KB? I think I PM'd medic and he gave me the limits. I use photoshop and Ulead gif animator but I'm just a hack as are the programs. There are posters on this site that do this stuff professionally, they are who I would ask.


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Some places we link to automatically converts the link into a media format. Is there any way to just post the link?
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Tried to watch this video but only had sound. I'm using GOOGLE Chrome. How do I see the videos?