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How much will spring practice help?

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Cmon man! This 2021. This is a year of optimism and unity!

there may not be 70,000 people there, but I’d be shocked if the doom crowd stops the spring game two years in a row.
Oh I hope so.

But last year in April C-19 graphs was lower numbers than 2021 April projection graphs (cases/deaths)
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Oh I hope so.

But last year in April C-19 graphs was lower numbers than 2021 April projection graphs (cases/deaths)
Last year, we knew kids in day care and day care workers were fine. Last year, we knew how long covid could exist on surfaces, knew the asymptomatic people didnt create covid, but may have it on their hands.

We knew all this then. Its finally dawning they cant keep it quiet any longer, so we wouldnt under react in keeping ourselves safe.
Weve known for 9 months these things, too many know now, those days are gone.


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Spring practice is huge for our young offense. The line needs practice. Young wide receivers need reps with Qb’s. Young running backs need to compete for playing time. How could anyone believe practice isn’t a good thing. Take the covid argument to hot topics.


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With our improved D, it should help make the O better, when the D sucks it makes them think they are good. When the D is good, it will help a ton on improving the O. Spring and Fall camps will be crucial for this.

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Reps and practice will bring results. These games will all be played with one of the teams being prob favored by 3-4 points or less. Meaning its winable. Mich St NW, Purdue, Iowa, Minn, Mich. Even Wisc who plays in Lincoln wont be favored by more than 6-8 points. 3 other games I would think we are 10 point favorite at least, Illinois, Buff, SE Louisiana.

Beat who your supposed to beat, win 4 of the other 7.... were off and running


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How much will spring practice help?

As much as the last couple years have...imo.
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