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How much will spring practice help?

Tenafly Tiger

5 Year Member
Maybe I'm getting desperate to find something positive to keep my hopes up, but I think spring practice (assuming we have one) will be what the Huskers need to make meaningful improvements that will show up next fall. To me, it will give us a chance to really concentrate on things like:
  • Offensive timing
  • blocking
  • mental mistakes
  • special teams
  • Creating turnovers
  • Immersing players from the 2019 and 2020 classes in the Husker playbook, culture, etc.
Put another way, I think not having spring practice last year may have hurt us more than we know.


19D Cav

Considering our whole Defense is back it should help identify depth and give more snaps to younger guys on D. Our Offense is such a mess and we need replacement's at many skill positions so all the snaps and repetitions they can get hopefully will help