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How much to pay out frosts contract?


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I’ve seen many posts about him being loyal to his staff but for gods sake‘s this is the guy calling the plays. Many are wanting to blame assistants and quite honestly I think they aren’t up to big 10 caliber but the head coach is not holding up his end of the deal either.
He needs to either stop calling plays or something. What good is an OC who doesn't call plays? I guess he does something with the offense.


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I’ll worry about keeping up with their season expectations when we can keep up with Northwestern and Illinois.
Not to be dramatic but it feels like he's done. Same feeling with so many coaches since Solich. It just feels the same, it's over.

Love your thoughts but am I wrong?


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Northwestern, Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Rutgers. All playing light years better than us. Mind blowing.
All those teams will still get blown out at times and have. That’s not an excuse for how our team looks it’s just reality. Only a very few really elite teams out there and a good QB erases a lot of mistakes. Luke missed literally three down field throws that could have been touchdowns. That doesn’t excuse the defense or poor blocking but it matters. This offense looked totally different Adrienne’s freshmen year. I do see some young talent but this team has a lot of problems.


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This is easy for me to say but if I'm Frost....

I talk to McCaffrey and tell him his best shot at a football career is NOT at QB. He and his dad probably know this. From there acknowledge that LM is one of the true gamers on the team and make him an integral part of the offense.

Go back to Martinez for the rest of this year. Yes, i thought LM was their best chance to get wins but I was wrong.

This is essentially a throw away year at this point. Smothers is on campus...get him really dialed in on a small package of plays and get him a couple series a game and see what he can do with some live action.

He has to know next year year is winning record/bowl game or bust. Might as well set the stage now.
I agree with you on Luke. I knew after last weeks game he wasn’t a QB


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I don’t know, I kind of liked Ozigbo, Morgan, Lindsey, Bradley, Barry, Spielman, Gifford, Domann, Gebbia, Roberts, Lamar Jackson, Bootle, Wilbon, Dismuke, Reed, Stoltenberg, Kalu, Stille, Foster, Gates, Stolle, the Davis brothers, Freedom ... but yeah, otherwise, Riley recruited chess players.
Most those guys suck!


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I agree. This team is absolutely horrible....and that's just on the field.

I can't imagine a player on twitter posting a bunch of laugh emojis during the game and the top recruit expressing doubt on twitter bodes well for the behind the scenes situation either.

If you made me give odds on Frost being here in 2022 I'd say less than 50% right now.
Who was the player?


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Fact of the matter is we don’t have any more talent than Illinois Purdue Minnesota etc. I don’t care what the recruiting rankings say. Illinois has way better receivers than we do. And certainly a QB that can throw better than AM or LM. We are who we are and we will be this way for a couple more years. More if they don’t develop the frosh and sophs.
Our QB Coach was suppose to be a QB Whisperer. He has not developed QB's like we thought he would.


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If he makes some serious changes at the end of this year then I think he should get no less than 2 more years, if he does nothing, then I have to agree with next year being possible final year.

I have said all along that we can't keep firing coaches, and I still believe that, but if he does nothing then that tells me all I need to know.
This is how I fill. I also know we can’t keep firing coaches but if the coach isn’t doing or trying to do things to make this team better then you have no choice. I would hope it doesn’t come down to the ad telling him he needs to make some hard choices about his assistance. I would hope he is already thinking about it and figuring out what he needs to improve said assistance. Recruiting is going to get harder at this rate.