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How Minnesota Will Beat Us.

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I don't have confidence in this game at all. I think Minnesota handles us fairly easily, as long as they do 2 things fairly well.

1. Stop our running game between the tackles, especially in the forecasted weather.

2. Throw over the top to their tight ends and receivers and don't try to beat Nebraska on the edges.

#2 may not be successful if the weather is bad. I think bad weather gives Nebraska some hope, but I still think Minnesota wins this game.

I was one that was downplaying the hype surrounding Minnesota at the beginning of the year, but I'm starting to buy in more now and I think they might be the 2nd best team in the West.

Obviously, I hope I'm wrong and Nebraska finds a way to win, but this game bothers me and Minnesota could very well beat us by 3 scores.


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I didn't delve to deep into Minnie, but seeing the teams they played, and the amount of points they have given up, I believe we have a more than fair share to win this game on the road and even in bad weather conditions. If we have one or zero turnovers the way we did against NW and Vedral(assuming he gets the nod) has a decent game, I see our Huskers pulling off the upset on the road. It may be another grind it out game, but I honestly think we get the W. GBR!!!
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I didn't like this game before the season and I like it less right now. I don't think Minnesota is three scores better than Nebraska, but I also didn't think NU would piss away a 17 point lead to Colorado.

Don't know who's playing quarterback, not sure if it's going to snow, yeah. I got no idea.


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If we don’t get some sort of consistent pass rush throughout the game then this could be a solid win for Minny. If we play solid D, hold onto the ball and don’t shoot ourselves in the foot with stupid penalties etc.. then I anticipate another down to the wire contest.