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How is Larry Jacobson not already in the CFHOF?

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I know this is preaching to the choir, but listening to that even for just a few seconds reminded me, could there even be a better announcer than Lyell Bremser?
No, he was the greatest and his departure left a huge hole in the fabric of Husker Nation. None of his successors were even close to him. I wish they'd sell the audio of individual games during the Devaney years (and the 78-83 TO years too), I'd buy a bunch of them.


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I saw on the front page that Eric Crouch, Larry Jacobson and Zach Wiegert are on the latest College Football Hall of Fame ballot. It never occurred to me that Larry Jacobson was not already there (I suppose I should d a little research to see who actually is).

That guy was a road grader and a very large human being even for today, let alone almost 50 years ago. Who else here is a long-timer that remembers him well?
I believe he suffers a bit from being along side Rich Glover. LJ only had one year onto himself.


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I met Larry and his wife quite a while back at one of the first HuskerMax tailgates I attended. Very nice people, here's hoping he finally gets this honor he deserves.


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He was the 1971 Outland Trophy winner and a force for the Blackshirts. I especially enjoy hearing the last offensive play for Oklahoma in 1971 where Larry runs down Jack Mildren, recovers a batted down pass and Lyle Bremser calls out "he just won the Outland Trophy 7 times over!" That play is approximately 5:12 into the attached video.

I had the pleasure of meeting Larry a couple of times at Husker evens. Classy individual all the way.

WAY COOL :thumbsup:


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He stuffed the run as well as anybody I've seen since, but I am a little biased I suppose.
If it hadn't been for Rich Glover, Larry would have won all the defensive awards. At 6'6/275 he stuffed the run and defended the pass well. It was LJ that knocked down Jack Mildren's 4th down, 4th quarter pass, in the '71 Game of the Century. (or maybe it was a sack, can't remember)