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Roy Cantrall

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I posted this last year but decided to wait a year to make sure I was correct. I coached a kid in Hardin County that is the ONLY bona fide Division 1 player I ever coached. He is now a Sophomore in high school. He is 6"1" and weighs 185, runs like a deer and hits like a freight train. He is smart, motivated and a hard worker. I want to see if he can fit into a Nebraska uniform. Who and how do I contact and will they jut think I am a nut case and put the contact in the trash?


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Go to huskers.com and click on Teams, Football, Coaches, then Ted Gilmore. He is the recruiting coordinator, and his link will allow you to send him an e-mail. If they are not already aware of the young man, they will follow up to get some more information about him.


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We have a kid down in Springfield MO that the whole of college football is going to know by next year. Projected by ESPN as a top 5 recruit in 2012. WR Dorial Green...6'6' 220 state champion in the 200 and 100 and triple jump (and key in state championship basketball team last year (Glendale HS...historically terrible at everything, except Baseball). I may give Gilmore an email just to make sure...but I bet he's already on everyone's radar in the Midwest.

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